This blog is intended to share with you our experiences as first time parents.... of not one, not two, but THREE kids!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

OK. It's been quite a while since we've had a post here and I would like to thank J from to get me motivated to blog a bit more again. It's pretty incredible to find not only someone else who shares your own birthday, but furthermore, another set of triplets with the same birthday (month, day, year)! Now we can take comfort that Jonathan, Natalie and Kaitlyn will have some pen pal friends from the other side of the world.

Just a quick update on how things are going with the kids...

Jonathan is rapidly gaining weight and turning into a mini Bruce Banner (aka Incredible Hulk) with his "Don't get me angry. You don't want to see me mad." kind of look.

Natalie is the most divine and angelic looking of the 3 when she is asleep. When she wakes up though, she wants instant attention and nothing short of that. Would she let you know how she is feeling? No doubt about that!

Kaitlyn has more hair on her head than the rest. We are beginning to think that she needs a haircut pretty soon. Her features and eyes are quite different from the rest and some people think that she has asian and western parents. Hmmm......

Monday, September 19, 2005

A happy grandmother with Natalie! Posted by Picasa

We were very lucky to have Ai Ling's 91 year old grandmother visit us and pass "ang bao's" to the children! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bottom Row: Natalie (L), Jonathan (C), Kaitlyn (R) Posted by Picasa

One Month Plus Update

Hi Everyone!

Ai Ling and I would just like to thank all of you again for your well wishes, flowers and gifts that you have sent us in the past month. It's been an incredible journey into parenthood and we cannot feel more blessed than to have 3 little angels (Jonathan, Natalie and Kaitlyn) join us on the morning of August 11, 2005. Without belaboring the point (no pun intended) too much, we will give you a few statistical highlights of our triplet experience:


... the number of days (35 weeks + 6 days) that Ai Ling carried the babies.


... the day of the kids' birthday.


... the day of Ai Ling's birthday and a good thing that the babies arrived a couple days earlier. Guess who would not have gotten a birthday present otherwise! ;)


... the number of minutes between when the doctor said "Let's go down to the emergency room" and when the babies were born. (The delivery took place on a "routine" scan visit and we were still looking at holding out for 6 more days sixty minutes before delivery!)


... the number of nights that Kaitlyn had to stay in neonatal intensive care in order to monitor and regulate her weight.


... the number of nights that Ai Ling had to stay in the hospital to recover and fully get back her strength!


... the number of nights that Chi-Ho had to stay in the hospital to help Ai Ling fully recover and get back her strength! (Can we say boarding school flashbacks?!)


... the combined birth weight in kg of Jonathan (2.4 kg/5.3lb), Natalie (2.0 kg/4.4 lb), Kaitlyn (1.6 kg/3.5lb). (By the way, this was also their sequence of birth.)


...the number of helpers we have at home right now (nicknamed The Support Team) consisting of : a confinement nanny, and 2 full time maids.


... the number of baby cots we are using at the moment (Yes, two of the kids will have to bunk together, but we go on a "performance based" rotation system.).


... the number of pets we have at home - our 4 year old golden retriever, Jojo.

A Lot...

... the number of containers of milk powder and diapers that we go through each week!

And now, if you open the attached picture collage, you will see on the bottom row from left to right: Natalie, Jonathan, and Kaitlyn, at a bit over 1 month old. We look forward to keeping in touch with all of you and seeing you soon!

All our love,

Ai Ling and Chi-Ho

Friday, August 12, 2005

And the tiniest angel of all... Kaitlyn Posted by Picasa

Little Natalie at birth. "Who woke me up?" Posted by Picasa

Little Jonathan at 6 hours old Posted by Picasa

Week 35 and 6 Days: Mission Accomplished!

August 11, 2005- Three little angels were sent to us and marking the culmination and the beginning of our journey into parenthood. Jonathan, Natalie and Kaitlyn arrived weighing in at 2.47, 2.015 and 1.65 kg respectively. Because Kaitlyn came in smaller than the rest, she was kept under monitoring in NICU just to make sure she gets all the extra care and attention that a preemie needs.

Ai Ling and I could not be more happy and excited with how things turned out on the Big Day. Lesson learng: You can prepare for everything, but somebody out here will always have some other plans for you and you just go with the flow...

Morning of Aug 11, 8:00 am

Detailed Scan:

AL was scheduled for her routine detailed scan followed by a visit to Dr. Paul to see how the scans went. We got up real early and drove out to the hospital. This being our third such scan, we pretty much knew how it was going to unravel. We knew which room to go to for the scan so that the chair would not be so tiring for Ai Ling. Instead of the same sonographer whom we had been seeing, we were greeted by a new lady. I must admit that this person was quite rough with her demeanor and affected AL to the point where she was really just not very happy having to listen to what she was saying. Preliminarily, this lady told us that little Kaitlyn was still underweight. While we were waiting for the results, I called Guo Min, our friend, to ask him for some good dates for delivery just in case we had to deliver before Aug 14. (He had earlier suggested Aug 14 or 17.)

10:00 am Dr. Paul's Office:

Dr. Paul seemed to think the scans were quite positive for us to keep the babies inside and wait until Aug 17 (another week). We even talked about how to prepare for the GA before undergoing the C Section for AL. Everything was set up for noon on Aug 17 and we stepped out of his office fully expecting to see him in about a week's time.

Guo Min calls and says that any delivery before Aug 14 would be best to have it before 1:00 pm on Aug 11. We chuckled at the fact that we were only 2 hours away and decided that Aug 17 was going to be more likely.

Dad calls and asks for the status. I confidently told him Aug 17 as we just saw the doctor and got the results as well.

10:40 am Back in Dr. Paul's Office:

Well, that week's time was about a 5 minute time. Not much longer after we stepped out, AL went to take a routine urine test and came up visibly shaken that there was abnormal bleeding that was going on. She wanted to see Dr. Paul immediately and good thing for us, we found a helpful nurse who went into Dr. Paul's office (despite him being with another patient) and told him the condition. By the time we went in and he saw the bleeding (and there was quite a lot), he looked up and said, "I think it's time." Those words would forever change our lives.

We have many things to be thankful for:

We were right there at the clinic when the water bag burst.

Good thing we had picked a good time and Guo Min could not have made a better call.

Sometimes, things in life have a way of happening for a reason.

11:00 am Delivery Ward

With AL rushed into the delivery ward, I had to make calls to AL's Mom (who was staying at our place), my Dad (who was on his way down to Singapore anyway) and my Mom to tell them all what was going on. Fortunately, AL's Mom managed to bring some key documents over for our registration. I made these calls as I sat in the waiting lounge and not much longer than 4 minutes later, AL's Mom shows up.

I take all of AL's stuff, and walked her to the doors leading to the operating room. In Singapore, the rule is that if the mom goes under for a c-section, then husbands are not allowed in the operating theater. I remember looking at AL as she sat upright in the hospital bed being wheeled through the doors and flashing her some sign like a thumbs up sign of sorts.

12:00 pm Meet the Kids!

"Mr. Song, please come and see your kids!" Those were the words that came from the nurse. AL's Mom and I ran to the greeting area to see the pediatrician, a nurse and the three kids. The sight was magical and we were there counting fingers, toes and weighing them. Everyone was too concerned about their weights and health for us to even take many pictures.

The magical moment for me was reaching over into their cot and gently laying my hand on their wrapped bodies and soothing them from crying. It was truly magical!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Week 35-36 Update

We're heading down the homestretch and lots of people have been giving AL her much needed support.

Her Mom came down over the weekend and has been keeping her company- chatting with her and helping her spend her days...

(Speaking of spending her days, it's been pretty much spent lying down on her side during the day. No more swim routine as it's a long walk to the pool and also AL doesn't want to risk catching a cold.)

My Mom also sent over some flowers to cheer up the house. I pitched in as well and got some fresh cut flowers over the weekend tol liven up the place.

My Dad is coming down this Thursday- same day that we are doing the scan.

And oh yes, while on the topic of the scan, our scan last week at 35 showed that the kids are coming in between 1.6 and 2.1 kg. One of the girls is the lightest and did not gain a lot from the previous scan. We'll wait to see what happens on the next visit in 3 days' time. Most likely, we will call it a day pretty soon and we'll probably have to go in for delivery before week 37 (which is in 7 days' time at most).

The naming game is finally being settled (in English anyway): Jonathan, Kaitlyn and Natalie. For the Chinese, we'll have to wait for my Dad to show up. (Although we did receive a very through and detailed fax from Auntie Juan Juan, we will wait until the time to determine the names.)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Week 33 Update

Date Log: Exactly Week 33

AL's Update: Just when you thought your tummy couldn't get any larger.... That's what's happening to AL these days. It's definitely a good thing as it shows that the kids are coming along nicely.

2 days ago, the kids were coming in at 1.7 to 2.0 kg (up from 1.4-1.6 kg a week ago). The only strange thing is that AL herself lost 1.5 kg during that 1 week period. Spoke to my buddy MK and he said not to worry. Doc is also ok with it. So AL is now on a get fat diet. (Got her a tub of Ben & Jerry's New York Chocolate Fudge 2 nights ago. When will they import the triple fat Haagen Dazs ice cream into Singapore?!? Just when you need it....)

2 days ago, we also went in to the hospital to check out the rooms. and signed up for one of these First Time Mother packages. The single room looks nice and clean enough (albeit a bit narrow) but we'll just stick with this.

Today we're off to our mini-city retreat at the Hyatt. One night of getting away from Einstein and relaxing in an environment other than home for AL.

(PS- AL's been great on practically full bed rest these days. Swimming has been limited as she can't move very far.)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Week 29 Update

ALN caught a cold over the weekend and we rushed over to Dr. Paul's office to pick up some antibiotics. Doc says that it's ok to take this during pregnancy. She was quite tired for the past 2 days, staying home and recovering. This means that she hasn't been to the pool in a while. Let's hope that she feels better tomorrow so that she can resume her activities.

The nice nursing chair came today. It's big, comfy and hopefully will come into good use!